Mexico: 24,000 homicides in 2010

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There were 24,734 homicides in Mexico during 2010, representing a 23 per cent rise compared with the previous year, according to official figures. A document released by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography revealed that 22 killings occurred for every 100,000 people in Mexico, reported the Associated Press. The organisation stressed that not all… Read more »

Grades ‘not the only deciding factor in education’

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An industry source has highlighted how there are all sorts of reasons for parents to choose to send their children to a certain school, not just grades. Dr Helen Wright, president of the Girls' Schools Association (GSA), pointed out that the development of a strong sense of self, as well as core happiness and confidence… Read more »

Prison conflict leads to 17 fatalities

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There are 17 people dead in Mexico as a result of a recent prison conflict in Ciudad Juarez. A spokesperson for the facility has stressed that it was not an attempted breakout, with the fatalities occurring as a result of a fight between rival gangs. In addition to the deaths, four people were injured in… Read more »

Mexican children to be offered measles vaccination

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The discovery of the first case of measles in Mexico in four years has prompted the country's officials to offer vaccinations against the disease. According to Reuters, a nine-month-old French girl that flew into the nation from Paris on July 10th was registered as having the illness. Health minister Jose Cordova told the press that… Read more »

‘Murphy method’ making a splash in child literacy

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A teacher's one-on-one child literacy sessions are making huge headway with a significant number of pupils who have previously underperformed in class. New Zealander Dianne Murphy uses 'direct instruction' and the approach of Professor John Hattie to reach youngsters and her methods have enjoyed a great deal of success at the Greig City Academy in… Read more »

Just a thought!

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So this week ended with more schools breaking for the summer holidays. Summer? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, though this weekend was beautiful. I ventured into the Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, and enjoyed lunch at Betty’s with my parents and then a walk along The Stray in the sunshine. Uhm! Lovely!… Read more »

Memory a key part of child literacy, notes expert

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A bad memory can hinder people at all stages of life, according to one leading expert, but particularly during the early parts of their learning. Teresa Bliss, child and educational psychologist, explained that young people must have the ability to listen to what a teacher is saying and retrieve the information later if they are… Read more »