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Rest & relaxation

I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had a holiday this year. Well big deal, I suppose lots of people would say, ‘cos not everyone can afford such a luxury, and […]

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Well I have to admit I haven’t visited any schools recently but I’m planning a few for September and something tells me I’ve done more than most authors. Apologies to […]

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Chavos Musical

Just a quick update about the Chavos Musical. For all you musical theatre buffs, Chavos is developing nicely. Pre-production is going well and all scenes are planned, dialogue sorted and, […]

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Anna's Blog Roll Inspiring Costa Kids Short Stories & Poems

3rd Chavos Ball

I have to admit each year it has surpassed all expectations and, a huge thank you to Oaxaca Taste and Amathus Drinks for making it extra special this time. It […]

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Short Stories & Poems Childcare Matters Animals

Kings Cross-return

Well that has to be one of the quickest visits to London I’ve ever made, but then I suppose there are plenty of people doing a quick return. Usually I […]

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Anna's Blog Roll Inspiration School Visits


If you have read my last couple of blogs you will see I have been answering some of the questions people most regularly ask me, but primarily I am talking […]

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Short Stories & Poems Anna's Blog Roll Chavosing

What are your plans for the future?

    So, this heat wave continues in the UK and you either love it or hate it. Funny that’s what I say about Mexico City! And with that thought […]

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When do you write? Where? How do you write?

Much asked questions;- But I seem to do most of my brain-storming in public places, particularly when I’m travelling, out and about, and people watching.  Folk don’t know that I’m […]

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Chavosing Inspiring Costa Kids Childcare Matters


I’ve gone away for a few days to finish some long overdue writing, simply because it’s impossible to write at home amongst the mayhem and craziness of my very busy […]

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