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What are your plans for the future?

July 15, 2013



So, this heat wave continues in the UK and you either love it or hate it. Funny that’s what I say about Mexico City! And with that thought in mind, I need to be planning my next trip to the City. It’s time to catch up with Mexican friends, visit some of those institutions that are dear to my heart and, feel the pulse again of all that is Mexican. Having said that! Here’s a quick plug for my Mexican friends in London. If you want some great Mexican food you just simply have to try Lupita UK next time you’re in the capital.

Meanwhile, thinking about the future and the question I’m often asked about my future plans, well here is a snap shot;-

I have been so inspired by Mexico City, the feedback from the school kids in the UK (yes I have visited over 200 schools now), that my vision grows and I am full of books. Drrr… just need more time to write.

Having now written Chavos, The Kids of Distrito Federal and Chavos 2 The Quest, the third in the series is not planned for a while, as I intend to publish my two spin-off books first. To explain, the Chavos books are full of interesting characters all with a story of their own, a story which needs to be told! Hence, Pablo’s Diary and Marisol’s Agenda are top of my publication list. I also want to finish my dual-language series and do some story books for the chiquitos whilst…’s the big one…..

3d copy


Yes, I’m working on the Chavos Stage Production, dates to be released soon. Whoop whoop!

Chat soon, and remember to put plenty of sunscreen on if you’re fortunate enough to be lazing around.