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June 9, 2014

Well I have to admit I haven’t visited any schools recently but I’m planning a few for September and something tells me I’ve done more than most authors. Apologies to those if I stand corrected!

Neither will I understand why most authors charge extortionate fees for their school visits as I did all but three of mine at my own expense. The ones that paid were charged but a small nominal fee to cover travel expenses. So what’s that got to do with anything? Nothing really, because I’m supposed to be talking about inspiration!

Anyway, I think I must have been to about 200 schools since I started writing and whilst I have loved every minute of it, my visits have not just been a simple author visit but a motivational workshop centred around creative writing and of course inspiration. It was great to talk to the kids and ask them what or who inspired them and I was blessed when I received feedback from many of my schools, saying that my own visit and talk had been inspirational.

Meanwhile, did you read or hear about the89 year old World War Two veteran who disappeared from his nursing home to attend the D-Day celebrations in Normandy. Apparently he was told he couldn’t go so he sneaked out anyway on the pretence that he was going for a walk, and off he went. Bernard Jordan was reported missing to Sussex police who later discovered he had joined other veterans in Normandy.

Now that is what I call inspirational. Someone who against all odds will do what he believes. Someone who won’t take no for an answer and won’t be beaten. Good old Bernard. Apparently he even had his medals pinned to his jacket and hidden under his raincoat. Bless him!

The battle for all things remains in the mind, that determination to succeed. The most challenging years of my life have been since I went to Mexico and birthed my vision for Chavos. What if I had never gone to Mexico? A life changing trip for sure that was.

Have you ever been in a situation and thought if I don’t get this one right I’m in trouble? Have you ever walked down a road and prayed for God’s protection because you were seriously out of your comfort zone? Have you ever been in the presence of people so much more intelligent and thought I’m out of my league? All the time, but the answer to that one is keep going. Don’t let those lies sneak forefront into your mind. Don’t allow that spirit of fear to creep in. You’re inspired remember! If they can do it, you can, we can.

Quite simply just keep going, and if you fall along the way get up and set off again.

Remember that thing which inspired you in the first place and remember that most people give in just before they get a breakthrough.

So start the week putting out those positive vibes and if anyone tries to speak negative over what you are doing remember old Bernard. Just say nothing and put your plans into action anyway.

No one believed in my vision for Chavos a few years ago but they’re starting to take notice now!

Have a great week.