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The School Run!

April 24, 2019

Just completed another 2 school visits in Scarborough and Lincoln. It would have been nice to have a walk along the sea front and a mooch around the city of Lincoln, but as usual, time didn’t allow!
As always, I enjoyed the visits, as did the children.

‘I inspired them, they inspired me.’

It’s always good to have constructive criticism, but every school is different, and every presentation takes a slightly different format, depending on the interaction and involvement of the children.

One of the nicest things I have heard was when one teacher said to me that ‘one day wasn’t enough Anna, we need you here for two.’

Here is some of the feedback from the children.



Mrs Chaplin – English teacher said…’All her children thoroughly enjoyed the day, and Anna was very complimentary of their achievements.’

Miss Osburn – Teaching Assistant said… ‘A couple of the pupils were very nervous at the beginning of the day. Anna engaged with them. Made them confident enough to see the day through and produce some good work.’

While Anna was busy working with the children, one of the teachers found time to begin reading her first novel – Chavos, the kids of Distrito Federal.



Looking forward to more school visits soon.