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Elizabeth R

September 12, 2022


How quickly life changes. Only a few weeks ago I posted a blog about our beloved Queen and suddenly she is gone.

We enjoyed the sunshine one beautiful afternoon as children at my nursery had photos taken with a giant cardboard cut-out of Her Majesty, and we celebrated the release of my picture book, Rianbo goes to London.

As each day passes the sadness increases and I personally come to terms with the end of an era.  Someone I have taken for granted who was always there had gone.

We say she died suddenly, but only because literally hours before she departed, she performed one of the most important duties of a Monarch and blessed our new Prime Minister, instructing her to form a government.

That day she looked frail, and although radiant and happy performing her duty with a smile – as she always did – none of us knew how poorly our Queen really was.

The double rainbow and the sparkling rain drops spoke to the hearts of many as they filled the London sky soon after the official announcement that our Queen had died.

It is with extra sadness that I can say a few weeks prior I received a letter from her Lady in waiting thanking me for the lovely picture book – Rianbo goes to London – and the accompanying doll.  It is because I am blessed with the friendship of someone who worked at St. James Palace and knowing both procedure and protocol, that I am reassured her Majesty was likely to have seen the book. Indeed, she insisted on seeing all her gifts, particularly unusual ones. So I choose to believe that she smiled with amusement when she saw her picture in that magical book, with a travelling doll.

As for me, when I read that book to pre school children on my forthcoming school visits, no doubt a sad conversation and explanation of bereavement will evolve.

Today, with both joy and sadness in my heart I pray the blessing of God on our new King.

Chat soon