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Chavos: The Musical

August 24, 2015

Chavos: The Musical


Life isn’t easy and I wanted to start this blog with a few of my favourite expressions. I tweet them from time to time and hope someone out there is encouraged, more often than not, I think it’s really all for my benefit.

So here goes;-


‘Dreams come too big, for us to grow into them.’

‘If it was easy, everyone would do it.’

‘Don’t let go of that dream, without vision life is fruitless.’

‘The vision awaits the appointed time.’


And what’s my point? Just this!

In 2006 I self published my first book which at the time I thought was wonderful, but in reality was crap. Only me allowed to say that! I celebrated the publication with a book launch at a local hotel. A fabulous evening, enjoyed by all and well put together, though I do say that myself. In keeping with all that I am, live and breathe – children – I made use of local kids from a performing arts school. When those kids came on the stage and performed to a song that I had written about characters in the book I saw a musical production. Yes, vision is a wonderful thing. The problem is getting the vision to become the reality.

Well, we are all busy people, aren’t we? And, the vision awaits the appointed time. Hum! That’s so true.

Over the years I have picked things up and laid them down. Other things becoming a priority. That’s life of course. Then people let me down. Frequently! It’s happening, it’s not happening. Drrr…. Well to some extent we are at the mercy of others.

So where are we today?

Well, a big thank you to my great friend of many years whose musical contributions to my quest have been enormous. I couldn’t have done it without him. Now the wait for the theatre schools who have said they will work with us to get this production from its pre-production state to opening night.

So, hours of work behind me, now the fun really begins. Yes we have a full script, music, prop lists/stage notes and just about everything else that one needs. Let’s hope there are not too many hiccups as we start casting and rehearsing, and I look forward to seeing Chavos: The Musical really coming to life. Actually that’s an under statement, I can’t wait. Whoop whoop!


Next news bulletin soon and I suppose we will go for something like a 10/15 minute showcase first or even a short trailer.


Meanwhile, if you have a vision don’t give in. And, be patient.


Chat soon,