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A letter from the Palace

July 10, 2022

Thought I ought to post a copy of my letters from the Palace!

It’s a little late now – event over – but it’s not every day that an envelope falls through the mailbox with a Windsor Castle or Kensington Palace water mark.

With the celebrations and spectacle of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, and my latest book in the children’s series, Rianbo’s Travels, I thought I ought to post my letters from the Royal Household.

I am sure hundreds of gifts will have arrived on the Queen’s doorstep over the last few months, each one individual, some rather grand, others no doubt simple. But each will have been sent with the same sentiment, love and blessings for a truly amazing lady. Nevertheless, there will only be one doll – Rianbo – and one book, Rianbo goes to London, which hopefully will now be in the children’s library at the Royal Household.

Yes, the Queen wrote to us. Hum! Not quite, but Her Lady-in-Waiting did. Ja ja!!

On that point there was a very funny incident when we planned the nursery garden party with lots of great creative ideas and one of the nursery nurses announced with a big smile on her face, that the Queen would be coming.


When I arrived with the 5ft cardboard cut-out I was met with several confused and disappointed faces.

‘She’s not real!’ Was the exclamation.

They soon overcame the disappointment and waved their flags relentlessly whilst queuing for a photo with Her Majesty.

‘Why is she wearing a hat and not a crown?’ murmured a sweet little voice to her friends.

They truly make us smile; they make us laugh. Sometimes they make us want to scream.  

There is nothing more delightful than working with children

Chat soon.