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2017 Inspiring Costa Kids Finalists

January 31, 2018

The winners have been notified, the prizes awarded and now it’s time for some reflection before it all starts again.

The 2017 #inspiringcostakids #writingcompetition.

What can I say?

It was an adventure. A learning curve and more than anything a great achievement for organisers and entrants alike.

I will post a brief extract from the judge’s report about each story, and some photos of the entrants, on the inspiringcostakids facebook page. But below you can read a few comments on the two first prize winners.

2017 Finalists



1st prize age 12/13 Grace Le Chat Lewis St Anthony’s College

2ndprize age 12/13 Savannah de Vries English International College

1st prize age 9/11 Gabriel Hampton Blackadder Novaschool Sunland International

2nd prize age 9/11 Aitor Macias Lopez. Swans International School

3rd Prize age 12 effort Sapphire Walker Queens British Grammar School


Grace ……. The story was very descriptive and had an unusual and totally unexpected twist. Certainly a wow factor! Grace changed the emphasis from the victims of the streets to the woman who helped them, becoming a victim of her own circumstances. The story shows empathy, compassion, pain and the destructive nature of alcohol. You are drawn into the story and can see and feel every character.

Gabriel…….If anyone deserved to win a writing competition it is Gabriel. What a fabulous attempt! Hand-written beautifully. Well presented with a professional cover. This is exactly what I wanted to see, and Gabriel has achieved this. An example to future entrants. A twist in the story, a little comedy, some good morals & a happy ending. A real story of survival. Only 9 years old at the time of entry. A star!


Having met you all at the presentation evening, I can only say what a great group of young people. You are all a credit to your parents and the schools which you attend.

Eloquent, mannerly, pleasant are just a few of the words I would use to describe you.

As a writer, I have often said that as I visit schools and meet young people, they inspire me. I hope as you read my story and journey through life, since that first and many subsequent visits to Mexico, I can inspire you.

Life is a challenge. We never know what is around the corner, but remember this:

There is a story everywhere. As we observe the environment, activate our senses and think about the smells, the sounds, our emotions, the people and things which cross our path, we can all write a story.

Writing is therapeutic. It is a great way to communicate, release our creativity and empty the thoughts from within.

I encourage you all to write.

On that note I’m looking forward to reading more stories and the 2018 competition.

Have fun!