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A fab weekend and a visit from some great friends ended with them heading off into North Yorkshire sightseeing and me checking out the route for the Tour De France. Quite frankly I can’t wait and I’m so proud because once again my favourite county in the UK is in the limelight. I’m told that the Yorkshire Dales is preparing for the biggest invasion in its history. Apparently during an average year about five million people visit the National Park but this summer more than 400.000 – almost a tenth of the annual figure – are expected to turn up on just one day.
Planning for the event has been going on ever since it was announced in 2012. The world’s greatest cycle race is coming to Yorkshire. I would love to be there but I never handled crowds and traffic jams very well so I’ll be watching in the comfort of my living room – with wine and nibbles – as it sweeps through some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. The race will embrace parts of Wharfedale, Wensleydale and Swaledale before racing on to the finishing line in Harrogate.
The route brings back memories of some of the schools that I visited last year and how I just loved those early morning school visits, leaving me free each afternoon to enjoy some of the scenery.

So with that in mind my body is telling me I need more exercise. The problem is as always I’m craving chocolate. Why do I always need my chocolate fix about 3pm every day?

Uhm, listen to this. …. A friend of a friend has kept promising to do something and after months and months it still hadn’t happened. I had come to the conclusion it was never going to happen so I proclaimed that I would eat my hat if it did.

Oh ye doubter! Last week I was proven wrong, so what did I do? – Commissioned a great friend of mine to make a fabulous chocolate cake in the shape of a hat of course.

I meant to photograph it and put on my blog but wasn’t quick enough. With a little help yesterday I ate my hat.

Have fun and a great week.