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Someone once bought me a little note book and what a treasured gift. A writer never goes anywhere without a little note book or at least I don’t. The times I have had an idea, seen something, heard something and thought I must write that down as a memory jogger and, NOT written it down. Blast, we all need those memory joggers, don’t we? I think one of the great lessons I have learnt is when something comes into mind, particularly when you have jumped into bed and thinking hum, I’m cosy I’ll write about that tomorrow, whaaaat? Fatal, as if you’re going to remember next day. So note book at the side of the bed, note book in hand bag, note book always with me from now on. Back to my gift, yes my very lovely little pink note book. I find writing, even just jotting and making those endless lists of bullet points – things to do – is therapeutic. ‘Empties ones head.’ And does it need emptying today!
I actually had to stop watching the news yesterday as it brought me to tears. Then watching Sky news endlessly throughout the day does nothing positive to ones spirit especially the continuous horrors of war and the cold blooded killing of so many people. As for the Maddie McCann saga, don’t get me started!

So what about watching one of the Christian channels? Well that just added anger to my despair. I won’t quote names but the rubbish, false teaching and constant requests for money from certain people makes me want to scream. Now I’m of the Christian faith but I seem to be a different kind of Christian to a lot of these people. I don’t believe if Jesus were here today he would be constantly asking for money and suggesting put a donation on your credit card. Doesn’t sound right to me.
Then I flicked through the channels and came across ‘Big Brother.’ I give in! Do people really watch this absolute rubbish?
So it sounds as though I have nothing better to do than watch TV. Actually working at home, this last couple of days despite my moaning about the TV has been quite productive in spite of all. But I did need to write this blog and empty the thoughts from my head.
Today’s thought; I am blessed to have a lovely home in a quiet Yorkshire village and I will not be watching the TV today.

Stay positive
Chat soon.