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To live, or die.

April 13, 2015

We all know this past weekend was the Easter weekend in the Christian calendar. A time when we think about the real meaning of Easter and hopefully not just chocolate. When Christian believers think about Jesus Christ and why he died, and of course the story of the resurrection.

Well Firstly I didn’t eat much chocolate because I spent most of the Easter vacation in bed with a bout of flu. Not someone who gives in to sickness easily but I was floored!

Being rendered helpless for a few days I had plenty of time to think.

It’s interesting that in my last blog I was talking about mothers and then on Easter Monday a lady died who had been like a mother to me for the past 40 years. Note, I said like a mother! My own mother is still around, fit and healthy. But being confined to my sick bed and knowing that this lady was about to pass I began to think of all the people that I had known who had died at a young age and suddenly faith and the resurrection of Christ was forefront in my mind.

Never a Bible ‘basher’ but always a believer, rarely attending church but always in my mind, I have so much peace knowing that Jesus is my passport to Heaven. I began to investigate the Christian faith in my late twenties and since then have realised how much evidence there is about God and the life, teaching and resurrection of Christ. Yet still people doubt!

How wonderful the world would be if we modelled our lives on His teaching. To live in peace and harmony with one another and to believe that when we leave our earthly bodies we are simply moving on to pastures greener.

Suppose I’m sounding like a preacher now but most of us search for the deeper things in life when we are faced with sickness and the death of dear ones. Whatever, treasure those people around you, don’t be afraid to say those few words – I love you. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.


So moving on I’m fit and healthy and looking forward to the London Book Fair, so my next blog will obviously be ‘bookie’.
Maybe one day I will write a book about the challenges of my faith and how I believed it changed my life.


Chat soon, have a great week.