The Arts, Children and Mental Health

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A New Year, and what a whirlwind January has been. And it’s not over yet! Disaster in Australia, with the very sad loss of human life, destruction of 15 million acres of land, and the death of thousands of animals. The beginning of an impeachment trial of a US President, the ongoing saga in the… Read more »

A little encouragement…

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I wanted to write something to inspire and encourage those creative people out there who feel they are stuck, going nowhere.   I suppose it’s something like drilling for oil. It may take a long time and tons of patience but don’t be tempted to give in. Imagine the thought that you threw in the… Read more »

Chavos: The Musical

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Chavos: The Musical   Life isn’t easy and I wanted to start this blog with a few of my favourite expressions. I tweet them from time to time and hope someone out there is encouraged, more often than not, I think it’s really all for my benefit. So here goes;-   ‘Dreams come too big,… Read more »