The Arts, Children and Mental Health

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A New Year, and what a whirlwind January has been. And it’s not over yet! Disaster in Australia, with the very sad loss of human life, destruction of 15 million acres of land, and the death of thousands of animals. The beginning of an impeachment trial of a US President, the ongoing saga in the… Read more »


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How many of us really endure, or do most people give up when things get tough? Thinking about success, it undoubtedly goes hand in hand with endurance. Yes there are people in life who are just lucky, but most have to endure to achieve. As a woman in business, I think of some of the… Read more »

Chavos Musical

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Just a quick update about the Chavos Musical. For all you musical theatre buffs, Chavos is developing nicely. Pre-production is going well and all scenes are planned, dialogue sorted and, whilst a huge chunk of the music is in various stages of development, this week there has been a huge leap forward in that area…. Read more »


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Tomorrow    I’m in Spain again for a few days. A last minute decision, an unexpected surprise, and although this turned out to be a fruitful trip, the weather could have been a bit kinder. I have not seen any sunshine yet and I’m fed up with this rain. In fact, I can’t remember when… Read more »

14 Days in my Life (picture blog)

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Sneak Peak – Released Dec 31st 🙂 Quick coffee and cake between Christmas shopping trips My new novels arrive, well half of them. Still making my bucket list for 2013. I’ve been good Santa! Grimethorpe Brass Band Live = World class Gospel Concert – Praise the Lord! Butler and Gracie – Mischief Makers Awwhh! Nativity… Read more »


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18 September 2012 11:50AM   Variety is the spice of life and last weekend was certainly different when I found myself doing things that ordinarily I would hate. It’s surprising what we do when children are around and, tempted by the sunshine and two eager companions who were desperate to go for a walk –… Read more »