Worksop Schools

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Another fab school visit. Thank you Norbridge Academy for hosting with children from 4 other schools in the area. What a great day we all had. Thank you for some of your lovely comments and I really felt at the end of the day I had bonded with all the children. I didn’t want to… Read more »

Marbella Life Style Rtv

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Hi Guys   In Yorkshire for a while enjoying the cool air and a little rain. Oh my gosh I was in Almeria last week and everyday seemed hotter. I don’t particularly like publicity but it goes with the job, so to speak! Did you ever watch yourself on television and think, oh no? Why… Read more »

Educate & Entertain

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Recently I wrote a blog about story time for the young ones. As I also write for the middle years it seemed relevant to blog about them too. So here goes, my thoughts, feelings and why I write for age 9-13. Perhaps it’s prudent to start with an article which was published in my local… Read more »

Tick tock, tick tock

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I just love to sit in silence and hear nothing but the sound of the clock ticking. Then that’s not silence is it! Oh well, there’s something so soothing about stillness and the gentle passing of time. Just as I love to embrace the sound of the rain whilst chilling in a caravan, something I… Read more »

Chavos: The Musical

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Chavos: The Musical   Life isn’t easy and I wanted to start this blog with a few of my favourite expressions. I tweet them from time to time and hope someone out there is encouraged, more often than not, I think it’s really all for my benefit. So here goes;-   ‘Dreams come too big,… Read more »


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‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’ So said Saint Augustine in the first century AD. An interesting thought and so true. Now not everyone has the advantage, the inclination nor the finance to be able to travel, and some folk quite simply are home birds. But… Read more »


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It seems that I started my blog on February 3rd with ‘Good Morning writers’ and here I am again particularly speaking to all those writers out there. I was in the company of someone recently who said that writing was easy, to quote ‘that’s not work it’s a hobby, you can’t call that stressful.’ Hum!… Read more »

Narco State

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#NarcoState they are calling it. With not much good news coming out of Mexico at the moment, and as the setting of many of my books is Mexico, I just had to blog about it, now didn’t I? Mexico has a very special place in my heart and Sky News in particular is doing Mexico… Read more »

Why blog?

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Chatting to an old friend yesterday who said he enjoyed reading my blogs I realised I hadn’t done one for a while, but more than anything I began to think why do I actually blog? Why does anyone blog? People blog for a variety of reasons and some make a living out of it but… Read more »

The Weekly Review

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The last couple of weeks have left me emotional. I suppose there’s ones normal family life with its ups and downs. Some weeks better than others, some weeks more productive than others but, it’s been a great week, in fact so far 2014 is looking positive all round. That said I’m glad the season has… Read more »