Children’s picture books

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My last blog I chatted about covid vaccines for children so now on a lighter subject, back to literature. I am thrilled to announce that another picture book in the Rianbo’s Travels range has just returned from the printers. The official launch date is yet to be released but as the title is, Rianbo goes… Read more »

Rianbo out and about

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Me and my doll will travel! Recently, I have had the opportunity to visit the most amazing Spanish city – Seville. Will tell you more about that in my next blog. Meanwhile, this was followed by another quick visit to London to the Society of Women Writer’s and Journalists Autumn meeting. I don’t know who… Read more »

London Bound

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Just on my way home from a quick visit to London and the only words that kept circling my mind were, ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.’ Not that I consider myself a celebrity by any means, but it’s a phrase that comes to one’s mind when we find ourselves in situations that… Read more »

London Book Fair

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A couple of days in London, a few hours at the London Book Fair with nothing new to impress me, then back to Yorkshire for the weekend and a birthday bash to remember. My dear dad is **** oops! Not allowed to say, but on a positive note he looks at least 15 years younger… Read more »

All our tomorrows

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No-one knows what tomorrow will bring, in fact tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, but we must carry on with hopes and expectations. Indeed without vision we will surely perish. Who said that? I challenge you to find out… In many ways it’s been a sad beginning to the year as we hear… Read more »

Decide and delegate

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Sitting at Malaga airport earlier this week, decisions to make; not irreversible but never the less life changing for the now! Have you ever harboured something in your heart for a long time knowing that it was meant to be but wasn’t the right time? Of course you have, we’ve all been there! Well in… Read more »

Kings Cross-return

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Well that has to be one of the quickest visits to London I’ve ever made, but then I suppose there are plenty of people doing a quick return. Usually I manage to secure several meetings together and with an overnight stay have time to meet with friends and take the opportunity to do a quick… Read more »

Blythe Bridge

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Last week I visited the kids at Hampstead C of E Parochial School, London to follow up a previous Chavosing event earlier in the year. On this occasion there was no Mexican food sampling or creative writing workshop but a cake/bake sale with all the profits earmarked for the charity that I founded several years… Read more »