Lemon Boost

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Just been thinking about lemons! I know it’s a random thing to say but probably because I was contemplating calling at the grocery store when I leave the office today, and suddenly realised I’m out of lemons. The modest lemon seems to have become a big part of my life this last few months, and… Read more »

2018 – The year of success

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The secret to success in life lies is knowing what God has assigned and gifted you to do. I believe we were all born for a purpose and sadly most people never become what they were born to be. Hum! A sobering thought. In knowing your destiny work towards your goal. Life will throw up… Read more »

Small changes, big difference

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It’s nearly half way through the year already folks. So perhaps now is a good time to take stock and see if we’re on target for those goals and achievements we planned for 2016. I love making bucket lists but hate it when I see C.F. on my list at the end of the year…. Read more »

Ashes into Beauty

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They say don’t look back. Who does? People, and we all know why! It’s about encouragement and positivity. The future will be better. Let go of the hurt and pain. Move on. Don’t waste time with what if. Certainly not, if it didn’t work, learn from it and move on. Yes, there’s so much truth… Read more »

Why blog?

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Chatting to an old friend yesterday who said he enjoyed reading my blogs I realised I hadn’t done one for a while, but more than anything I began to think why do I actually blog? Why does anyone blog? People blog for a variety of reasons and some make a living out of it but… Read more »