The Arts, Children and Mental Health

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A New Year, and what a whirlwind January has been. And it’s not over yet! Disaster in Australia, with the very sad loss of human life, destruction of 15 million acres of land, and the death of thousands of animals. The beginning of an impeachment trial of a US President, the ongoing saga in the… Read more »

Social Media

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What do we really feel about Social Media? It’s a new phenomenon to the older generations. Bless my grandma, she wouldn’t have known what to make of it. Good or bad it’s here to stay. Social media is one of the best outlets to reach the minds of young people, to make a real difference…. Read more »

Lemon Boost

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Just been thinking about lemons! I know it’s a random thing to say but probably because I was contemplating calling at the grocery store when I leave the office today, and suddenly realised I’m out of lemons. The modest lemon seems to have become a big part of my life this last few months, and… Read more »

Cell phones

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Do you feel like me? Concerned about the amount of time our children and grandchildren are spending on cell phones. So what are we doing about it? Too many of us, seemingly nothing! Major new studies are now proving that radiation from these devices is likely to effect memory. Electromagnetic fields are proven to have… Read more »

Jealousy & Envy

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I have been thinking recently about jealousy and envy. Now I know we have all looked at others on occasions and thought, I wish I had what they have. The question we fail to ask is, would I be willing to go through what they have been through to get it? That’s the reality isn’t… Read more »

Child Health

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‘I’m hungry Nanny. What can I have to eat? I’m starving! I’ve hardly eaten anything all day.’ Familiar words at the end of the day when you collect them from school perhaps? Hum! Then we go through the same ritual every time. Have an apple, an orange, a banana maybe. No, they want cake, crisps,… Read more »

Brain Power

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Children, don’t you just love them? My granddaughter came around a few days ago, threw herself on the sofa and exclaimed, ‘nanny I have a headache. Well actually, my brain hurts.’ Bless! But that actually started me thinking. Is my brain healthy? Now I know that sounds random and I’m no hypochondriac but it’s a… Read more »