Cell phones

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Do you feel like me? Concerned about the amount of time our children and grandchildren are spending on cell phones. So what are we doing about it? Too many of us, seemingly nothing! Major new studies are now proving that radiation from these devices is likely to effect memory. Electromagnetic fields are proven to have… Read more »

Rest & relaxation

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I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had a holiday this year. Well big deal, I suppose lots of people would say, ‘cos not everyone can afford such a luxury, and I remember in my younger days going years without one because with two young children funds simply didn’t allow. But the question that arises is;… Read more »

El campo – La costa

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O.K for those of you who don’t know any Spanish, el campo – the countryside, la costa – the coast. I’m typing this blog whilst still keeping a keen eye on my little granddaughter who is being entertained by yes, a children’s entertainer, the sort of thing that irritates me but the kids love. Seems… Read more »