Lemon Boost

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Just been thinking about lemons! I know it’s a random thing to say but probably because I was contemplating calling at the grocery store when I leave the office today, and suddenly realised I’m out of lemons. The modest lemon seems to have become a big part of my life this last few months, and… Read more »

The needs of a child

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What do children need? Children’s needs change as they grow but basically we can describe them as Physical, Emotional and Intellectual. We may all satisfy our children’s needs in different ways. Some parents are naturally more loving; others find it difficult to express their emotions. Some parents strive for more physical achievement in their children… Read more »

Child Health

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‘I’m hungry Nanny. What can I have to eat? I’m starving! I’ve hardly eaten anything all day.’ Familiar words at the end of the day when you collect them from school perhaps? Hum! Then we go through the same ritual every time. Have an apple, an orange, a banana maybe. No, they want cake, crisps,… Read more »

The fat of the land

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Well what an amazing couple of days that was. Visiting friends in Sillar Baja, a picturesque little pueblo laying in a reserve high in the mountains near the A92 between Guadix and Granada.     And what did I find? Apart from the great company, the natural springs – where the water tasted the most… Read more »

Money, money money.

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My recent trip to Spain was fabulous as ever, that being my second home but, Yorkshire will always be my first of course;- Yorkie through and through. Anyway I was so glad to board the flight to the UK ‘cos it was getting hotter and hotter and I understand why most of the Brits living… Read more »

London Book Fair

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A couple of days in London, a few hours at the London Book Fair with nothing new to impress me, then back to Yorkshire for the weekend and a birthday bash to remember. My dear dad is **** oops! Not allowed to say, but on a positive note he looks at least 15 years younger… Read more »


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Having had the horrible flu virus that everyone around me seems to have suffered in one form or another, I have spent most of the past week at home. The week began with me wallowing in self-pity, but then I learnt to rest in my sickness and make the most of my time indoors. Yes,… Read more »

Kings Cross-return

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Well that has to be one of the quickest visits to London I’ve ever made, but then I suppose there are plenty of people doing a quick return. Usually I manage to secure several meetings together and with an overnight stay have time to meet with friends and take the opportunity to do a quick… Read more »