Able Writers

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Work isn’t hard when you enjoy it, is it? Well that’s not entirely true but it certainly helps when you are fortunate enough to do what you enjoy and even more so, be paid for it. A full day in school with the Authors Abroad Able Writers Programme, is non stop and challenging. Why challenging?… Read more »

What are we teaching our kids today?

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I really need to grouch about this! Is it really too much trouble to take our litter home instead of dumping it? Worse still when a football club meets regularly on local playing fields and no one collects the litter after the game. Come on guys, shall I name and shame you. Local to my… Read more »

Faddy Eaters

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I am really concerned about the lack of good nutrition consumed by our children today, and that even includes my own grandchildren, in spite of my tumultuous efforts to get them to eat healthy. The sugar crisis has been highlighted for some time but the dilemma isn’t just too much sugar, it’s the lack of… Read more »

Happy birthday Rainbow Childcare

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Hi everyone, Today in my local newspaper, an editorial about Rainbow Childcare – celebrating 30 years in business. WOW! Won’t say look forward to the next 30 years! But….. what an achievement – thank you to my great management team and staff. Must keep up the celebrations this year. Anna x    

Celebration! Celebration!

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  My life is certainly full of colour these days. As I prepare for the #inspiringcostakids writing competition awards here in Spain, it is only about 10 days ago when I had a different celebration in Yorkshire. If you read my blog on the 15th of January you will see I was celebrating 30 years… Read more »

Managing behaviour

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Today I walked through the nursery to see – as I often do – one young child very proudly wearing his Superstar Medal. Later I collected my own little granddaughter from her reception class adorned with good behaviour stickers and boasting a very bright certificate for helping the teacher. Even grown-ups welcome a pat on… Read more »

Catch up

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Hi guys Another quick update from me. I am in Yorkshire for a while and was pleased to get out of the heat for a few days but now I’m in a different kind of heat. It’s called business! What do they say? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Ha… Read more »

Creative Minds

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Enjoying the peace and tranquility, not to mention the Spanish sunshine – plenty of Vitamin D – before I dash back to Yorkshire to catch up with family and business matters. Yes, next week I have to check on the progress of the Chavos Musical. What a year!     Anyway, there is something so… Read more »

Creative Writing

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Hi Guys, Hope you are thinking about those amazing stories you are going to write. Here’s a little guidance from my creative writing portfolio for when you are thinking about your characters. Click on this blog to enlarge the image below.     Enjoy, have fun and watch out for some more hints and tips… Read more »