A letter from the Palace

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Thought I ought to post a copy of my letters from the Palace! It’s a little late now – event over – but it’s not every day that an envelope falls through the mailbox with a Windsor Castle or Kensington Palace water mark. With the celebrations and spectacle of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Royal… Read more »

Happy birthday Rainbow Childcare

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Hi everyone, Today in my local newspaper, an editorial about Rainbow Childcare – celebrating 30 years in business. WOW! Won’t say look forward to the next 30 years! But….. what an achievement – thank you to my great management team and staff. Must keep up the celebrations this year. Anna x    

Celebration Surprise! Surprise!

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  O.K. Tonight is the night. Woop woop! We will be meeting at our venue in Marbella to celebrate with the winners of our 2017 competition. Afterwards, yes when we have celebrated, eaten cake and handed prizes to our winners, details of the 2018 competition will be announced. Will take lots of photos and post… Read more »

Celebration! Celebration!

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  My life is certainly full of colour these days. As I prepare for the #inspiringcostakids writing competition awards here in Spain, it is only about 10 days ago when I had a different celebration in Yorkshire. If you read my blog on the 15th of January you will see I was celebrating 30 years… Read more »

What does Christmas mean to you?

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Hi everyone. Only a few days to go and Christmas will be over yet again! With so much planning for Christmas celebrations, the emphasis on spend, spend, spend, and the reality that people spend more than they can afford, what are we doing? Invariably we hear the complaints they have eaten too much, whilst the… Read more »

Party Time

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When this blog goes live it will be celebration day. My birthday, my parents 60th wedding anniversary, a book launch and more. It’s been a tough six months with so many obstacles to overcome, but we soldier on. It’s sad that I have special people around me struggling – some who I love dearly – and… Read more »

New Year thoughts

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How random is this? A blog about New Year in September. Well here’s my reasoning… New year is celebrated by millions of people all over the world without actually knowing why. They just celebrate, and many on the 31st December. In reality it depends on the culture and traditions that you were born into. It’s… Read more »


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Well whose a happy bunny and I’m not thinking about Easter and chocolate yet, but I managed to dodge some of the cold Yorkshire weather and escape to Spain for a few days. So great to catch up with friends but missed Mothers Day with my kids. That’s life! It seems like the celebration originally… Read more »