Catch up!

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What a busy but exhilarating couple of weeks. Several walks around the local country park with Butler and Gracie my faithful doggy friends, in-between business commitments, a great school visit, planning and development sessions not to mention I even found time to do some editing and writing. I think I have discovered the 8 day… Read more »

Rest & relaxation

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I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had a holiday this year. Well big deal, I suppose lots of people would say, ‘cos not everyone can afford such a luxury, and I remember in my younger days going years without one because with two young children funds simply didn’t allow. But the question that arises is;… Read more »

Back to school…

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Back to school in a few days and you hear us all saying, ‘I can’t believeI it’s September already. It will be Christmas soon!’ Not to mention the children are planning their request lists. Nothing like plenty of notice, thanks for that kids! But what about those who don’t know what Christmas is? Those who… Read more »

London Book Fair

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A couple of days in London, a few hours at the London Book Fair with nothing new to impress me, then back to Yorkshire for the weekend and a birthday bash to remember. My dear dad is **** oops! Not allowed to say, but on a positive note he looks at least 15 years younger… Read more »

Brain Power

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The power of the mind, think positive and you will reap positive results. How often have you heard that? We are what we think! The interesting thing is the Bible is full of quotes about the power of the mind and re-defining our thoughts. And before you think I’m going into a preach, no I’m… Read more »

All our tomorrows

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No-one knows what tomorrow will bring, in fact tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, but we must carry on with hopes and expectations. Indeed without vision we will surely perish. Who said that? I challenge you to find out… In many ways it’s been a sad beginning to the year as we hear… Read more »

Kings Cross-return

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Well that has to be one of the quickest visits to London I’ve ever made, but then I suppose there are plenty of people doing a quick return. Usually I manage to secure several meetings together and with an overnight stay have time to meet with friends and take the opportunity to do a quick… Read more »