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Lead paragraphs #inspiringcostakids

May 26, 2017



These are your leading paragraphs for the competition.

Remember between 500-800 words excluding the lead paragraph.


Good Luck





Para 1) It was nearly midnight, damp and dreary. The streets lay quiet and deserted. The group of kids living in the sewers below the highway, had become untouchable – branded sewer rats by some – they were a law unto themselves.

Suddenly, a grating sound could be heard as a manhole cover slid sideways, exposing a dark hole from which emerged a dirty face. It was a young boy, difficult to tell his age. His name, Hawk. After checking the surroundings he shouted, and within seconds a hoard of filthy kids all emerged, following silently behind him. ……….


What do you think happened next?



Para 2) Marisol and a group of friends sat chatting at a table in the Gali-Gali Café Bar.

Suddenly Marisol became distracted by a woman acting strangely on the small terrace overlooking the café garden. The woman took a series of photographs with a hidden camera disguised as a pendant around her neck. Marisol thought the woman looked familiar but couldn’t recollect why.

The garlic bread and enchiladas arrived so Marisol turned away. When she looked again the woman had gone….



What do you think happened next?


           #inspiringcostakids writing competition  Anna Mckann 2017