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Why is it whenever I travel people irritate me?
Now I’m far from perfect and I am very conscious of that great scripture:

‘take the plank out of your own eye before criticising someone else.’

But these are just a few travelling irritations.

• Greed… I am fortunate to be able to use the airport business lounges, a perk of being a regular traveller. I am always baffled at the greed of so many as they down as much alcohol as possible even at breakfast just because they think it’s free. Then they stuff their bags with biscuits, snacks, and as many sandwiches as possible to smuggle out of the lounge before leaving for their flight.

• Impatience… Why do people push to get on the flight instead of queuing nicely? It’s not going until we’re all on now is it!

• Behaviour… Kids who are badly behaved and left to run around and make a nuisance of themselves because parents just can’t be bothered.

• Demeanour… Smile and the world smiles with you. Hum! Well whoever said that was wrong. Yes, we all have stuff going on in our lives, but some folk are just flipping miserable.

• Wastage… We all love a buffet, but it astounds me when there are thousands of children going hungry – starving actually – in the world and children are not taught the value of food. Ever noticed how much they pile on their places at buffet time and it ends up in the bin?

• Selfism… Those who put their belongings on a chair to claim it and then disappear for an hour to return expecting it to be still theirs. And no one moves the stuff ‘cos they don’t want a confrontation. Stuff that, be bold and stand up for what’s right.

• Annoying… Arrive home to be greeted by my adorable little dogs.












GracieTake them for a walk, poo bags in hand and pick up all the plops. Return to the house to discover the local riding school just passed by. Several huge, in fact almighty plops at the end of my drive. Absolutely gross. I’m furious!!!!!!






Have a nice day, chat soon.