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Catch up!

20 January 2013 10:00PM



Hi everyone can’t believe this is the third week in January already and this is just a quick catch up before I take Butler and Gracie for their last walk of the day, then off to bed.

Monday morning starts with a visit to the Lord Mayor’s parlour for morning coffee and a chat. Sounds interesting, don’t you think? Well we have lots to discuss so I will keep you posted but, one thing for sure I will be giving the Lady Mayor a ‘Save the date’ card for the next Chavos Ball. Yes all booked and although I can’t wait, I don’t want to wish the time away. Heaps of stuff to do before then….

Meanwhile I hope you are all still feeling positive and believing that 2013 is going to be a special and productive year. I suppose it’s difficult for some people, especially when we listen to the news and it all seems to be doom and gloom. I always find it hard to understand why our media platforms spend so much time focussing on the negative stuff, when there are actually lots of great and positive things happening in the world. One thing hopefully is that as we hear about some of the not so pleasant things around us, and the needs of others particularly in our locality, it is that which inspires us into action.

So if you are bewildered and don’t have much vision at the moment, help someone else with theirs until you own unfolds. Everyone has gifts and talents and at the right time they will be realized. Always remember that the vision has an appointed time and, never be envious of others around you. Your time will come…

I’m still waiting and believing for so much but I won’t give in and I will always encourage those around me.

O.K. On another subject, last week I went to the movies and took my parents to see the Life of Pi. As I had already seen the movie but wanted to treat them, especially Dad who is a great animal lover, I decided that I would put on my 3D glasses and sleep. I was s-o-o-o- tired, but naturally didn’t tell them. Well it was then that I realized what a great movie it was as I sat mesmerised through the whole film for the second time. I loved the opening scene, the music was fabulous and quite frankly I thought the whole film was spiritually thought provoking and captivating. Not normally a great movie attendee myself, I expected to sit through the 30 minutes of trailers thinking I was going to be annoyed and, wishing they would just get on with the film. Surprisingly, I just kept uttering the words to Dad, ‘I want to see that one, need to see that one’. And more! So this week the top of the list is Les Miserables, though I can’t imagine how I will respond to it, being the great lover of theatre that I am, and having seen it three times in the West End – the greatest musical of all time.

Well! This weekend I have been ‘snowedin,’ conveniently so I think. Of Couse I could have gritted and ploughed my way out if I had wanted to but, it felt like a great excuse to stay indoors, relax and write. Whoop whoop! So happy as I have felt refreshed, revitalised and YES done lots of writing. So hereby follows a word of encouragement for all you ‘want to be published’ authors out there.

It’s not easy and never will be.

It demands so much time and commitment. Not to mention patience with oneself and others. You know, all those people who don’t believe in you. And there are plenty of those!

So let’s remember that dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them and I’m growing into mine.

Kids I hope I can inspire you when I visit your school and the first school this year is, St. John’s Primary School, Knaresborough so look forward to seeing you. Praying there will be no snow of course. And by the way Knaresborough is the first of the 12 places to visit on my Yorkshire Life ‘Bucket list.’ Check out my diary on for more details.

Happy Chavosing and have a good week.