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Hi guys

Another quick update from me.

I am in Yorkshire for a while and was pleased to get out of the heat for a few days but now I’m in a different kind of heat. It’s called business!

What do they say? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Ha ha!
There is just lots to do at the moment and only I can do it. That sounds arrogant but you know what I mean. Decisions to make, things to sort and delegation is the key. So, here I am sorting out what has to be done and back to Spain. Then I’ll be complaining about the heat again. That sweltering sunny heat when you don’t want to go out from mid-day until late afternoon. Well, I suppose that’s a good time to stay in and write.

Yes, that’s exactly what I said to the listeners on Marbella Life Style Rtv last week. We all have to be mindful of the dangers of the sun’s rays at certain times of the day and what better than to take the opportunity to stay in, keep cool and enter our writing competition.



We have now set up a Facebook page and Twitter account so please like and follow us. We will keep you updated on things that are happening but one thing we would like is pictures. Lots of them.
S-o-o, if you are writing somewhere especially in a sunny location please send us your picture with a note, permission to post. If you don’t want us to see your face that’s fine, head down, pen to paper will do.
It will just be good to see our writers on location.

Just a reminder. Click on #inspiringcostakids posted on 26th May and paragraph leads, for more information.

Enjoy your writing.

Chat soon.