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My first Able Writers’ day of 2019 was a great success. Thank you to my host school – The Green Way Academy, Hull. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and so did the children – but don’t just take my word for it – read the fantastic comments I received from the children and teachers… Read more »

I just love the Rianbo’s Travels series – and just to confirm – the three new titles will be available for World Book Day this year. UK World Book Day 7th March 2019. So we now have; Rianbo’s Travels. Rianbo goes to Mexico. Rianbo goes to New York. Rianbo goes to Beijing. Rianbo goes to… Read more »

I have created a new page for – called School Visits. Before I begin again in 2019 , and before I post anything else on the page, take a look at the image below at one of my first schools from nearly ten tears ago! Cliff School – Wakefield.       Where does… Read more »

I remember the days when my children were very young and I was considering separation from their father. My agonising thoughts were how will this affect them and could I hold on until they were through school, just so they could live with both parents? Well I couldn’t, and I didn’t! Sometime later I joined… Read more »

Looking forward to 2019 and working with Authors Abroad on the Able Writers’ Programme once again. Yes, I have recently decided to do some more school visits. I certainly don’t do as many as I used to, but it’s always a great joy visiting different schools and delivering my own creative writing workshop. Remembering that… Read more »

What Inspires you?   A question that I ask the children in my creative writing workshop. Some of the answers are awesome. Others quite simple but so beautiful. Like the 9 year old who answered, ‘my dad inspires me.’ Awh!   The dictionary definition of the word inspiration is;- An inspiring or animating action or… Read more »

Following on from my last blog I seem to be continuing the theme of pets. Probably because they are undoubtedly my best friends and unless I’m travelling, they’re always around. I wonder how many children received a pet for Christmas? Or perhaps the furry battery operated one, as did my granddaughter. An easier choice! Well,… Read more »

Children and pets. Hum! Hard work but rewarding. I remember my old English teacher who loved animals, had several dogs, cats, a pony and more, but disliked children profusely. Miss Gregg they called her. She moaned regularly in class about how she disliked us and much preferred her pets. So one wonders why she took… Read more »