An insight into Anna Mckann's world

Hi guys, I’ve just returned from 10 days in Spain and as always it was perfect. Another world, relaxing, somewhere to prioritise and re- charge one’s batteries. Rural Spain with nothing but the sound of the awakening of the birds, and the bark of the farmer’s dog early morning. That said, less than 2 miles… Read more »

From the days when as a little girl, I used to love the Enid Blyton mysteries, to the young adult who became engrossed in the novels by Yorkshire born novelist, Barbara Taylor Bradford, I have always loved and encouraged reading. Today, I am a writer. Perhaps not a best-selling author, but one who can celebrate… Read more »

‘I’m going to be late for school Mum,’ I heard him shout. ‘Can’t find any socks.’ Nothing new then I thought. He can never find any socks! That’s teenagers for you! Messy, disorderly, thoroughly untidy. Yes, and he’s always complaining and moaning about something. Hum! He wants to try living the life of a sock…. Read more »

‘So what is Christmas all about?’ asked Enrie Molina, deferred parole notice in his hand. ‘For me, this year, freedom!’ answered his cellmate smiling, thinking of a typical day in those miserable surroundings. He hardly dared to believe that this Christmas represented freedom. He had spent so many days in confinement in that small dark… Read more »

“What is Christmas all about?” thought Dolita, as she wandered the streets. The date the 16th December, the beginning of the festivities. Nine consecutive days of candlelight posadas centred around children, who were often decked in colourful, hand-made costumes and carried brightly coloured, paper lanterns. The purpose behind the posadas was originally a practical way… Read more »

The issue as to how much mothers need to be involved in the care and development of their children has been, and will continue to be, a controversial subject. There are those who believe that mums should be at home, and stay at home until their children at least begin pre-school. I firmly believe that… Read more »

It’s rapidly coming to the end of 2016 and once again I find it quite daunting as I am faced with the fact that another year has gone by. Did I achieve everything that I had hoped this past year? Well the answer is clearly no. Then I suppose I could argue there are still… Read more »