Tour De France

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A fab weekend and a visit from some great friends ended with them heading off into North Yorkshire sightseeing and me checking out the route for the Tour De France. Quite frankly I can’t wait and I’m so proud because once again my favourite county in the UK is in the limelight. I’m told that… Read more »


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Just watched Sky News and was thinking, how do some people cope with the difficulties that come upon them? I suppose in actual fact the answer to that is some don’t, but many do. Have you ever thought or said to a friend? ‘I don’t know how you cope ‘cos I couldn’t live your life.’… Read more »

Too much TV!

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Someone once bought me a little note book and what a treasured gift. A writer never goes anywhere without a little note book or at least I don’t. The times I have had an idea, seen something, heard something and thought I must write that down as a memory jogger and, NOT written it down…. Read more »


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Well I have to admit I haven’t visited any schools recently but I’m planning a few for September and something tells me I’ve done more than most authors. Apologies to those if I stand corrected! Neither will I understand why most authors charge extortionate fees for their school visits as I did all but three… Read more »